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Black Friday Property Sale - FAQ


Before You Register

  1. Will I be able to get the same discounts after Black Friday Property Sale?
    The special discounts for Black Friday Property Sale will be only available during the event (4 hours - from 4pm to 8pm GMT+7 on Friday June 12, 2020)
  2. What is Black Friday Property Sale?
    Black Friday Property Sale is the first ever online real estate sale event in Cambodia. You can see all the selected top developer exhibiting their projects with all information including their photos, floor plan, prices, thier location on map, all available amenities, and unique features. Property seekers can buy their dream properties at the best discounted prices ever seen.
  3. When is Black Friday Property Sale?
    The event will last only 4 hours - from 4pm to 8pm GMT+7 on Friday June 12, 2020
  4. How can I buy property during the Black Friday Property Sale?
    On the date of the event, you come back to the event site, survey all the projects that are on the event and check out all the discounts. Once you have found your dream home, simply process the fully refundable reservation fee to lock in the best price. You need to pay the $500 reservation fee to secure the property with the special event discount. After making a successful reservation payment, you will be contacted by the developer you are interested in and their team will give you information about the unit or development. If you are happy with everything and decided to buy the unit, the $500 reservation fee will be part of your unit's final sale price (e.g. if a condo costs $50,000, you will only have to pay $49,500 for the unit). However, if you do not wish to buy any unit, but have paid a reservation fee, you can simply let us know, and our team will process the refund for your reservation fee within the requested date.
  5. Is Black Friday Property Sale free of charge?
    Participation and registration are completely free of charge during the Black Friday Property Sale. The only monetary transaction you will be making is paying the reservation fee of the property you are interested in on the date of the event.
  6. Do I need to register prior to the event?
    Yes, you will need to register in order to participate in this event and enjoy exclusive discounts.
  7. What do I need to prepare to join this Black Friday Property Sale?
    In order to join this event as an attendee:
    1. You have to pre-register your name via https://propertysale.realestate.com.kh/
    2. Mark your calendar and make yourself available on the 12th of June at 4:00pm to 8:00pm GMT+7
    3. Have your device ready along with stable internet connection
    4. Ready to view each projects and their discount
    Tips: you can also reach out to our team prior or during the expo in case you want to consult about these projects before making a reservation.
  8. Who are considered eligible buyers for this sale?
    Anyone can enter the event and reserve their units. There is no restriction on who can participate in the event.
    Though we must let foreign buyers know that foreigners are not allowed to own a landed property in Cambodia in their name. Realestate.com.kh suggests purchasing property with a Strata Title (common among condominiums units available during Black Friday Property Sale).

Developer and Discount

  1. What is the "guaranteed discount" banner on the development pages?
    A "guaranteed discount" is a fixed discount that the developer has offered across all the units in that development.
  2. How many developers are there in the event?
    There will be up to 28 selected developers including popular borey and condominium developments.
  3. What is the discount for each developer?
    The discount will only be revealed on the event date. These discounts are exclusive during the Black Friday Property Sales event and is guaranteed to be the best discounts ever offered by each of these developments. Register today, if you haven't yet, so you can see the discounts on June 12.
  4. How can a developer join the Black Friday Property Sale?
    There are a few critieria that the developers need to have to be able to join Black Friday Property Sale:
    1. The project must be in Cambodia
    2. Developer must make sure that they can avail the best discount only for this event (discounts found in this event cannot be offered outside Black Friday Property Sale)
  5. What is additional discount?
    Additional discount are added on top of Guarantee discount offered by some developers based additional special terms such as payment terms, selected units. However additional discount are subject to each developers offer.

Financial and Legal Support

  1. Is there financial loan availlable ?
    Yes, it is available. If you are looking to talk to loan provide, we can have them contact you right after you reserve the units. Still, you will see that there are some projects that offers developer financing, so they can also tell you more about this features of their project.

Making a reservation

  1. If I have problem with internet connection, would I be able to call in to reserve my property?
    If you have internet connection issue, you can contact us through: +855 96 900 0808
    By making this call, we can also help guide you through the event, hence, help you with reserving any project you like.
    Still, we recommend you check your internet connectioin prior to the event. You can also use hotspot or mobile internet to log through the link.
  2. What if I don't buy the project, after making reservation fee, can i get my money back?
    Yes. If you do not purchase a property, you need to apply for a 100% refund within 14 calendar days after the event.
  3. What happens after I pay my reservation fee?
    Your reservation fee will secure your discounts and meeting with the developer for that particular development. Realestate.com.kh will connect you with the developer after the event.
  4. Can I transfer my reservation to someone else?
    Yes, upon agreement with the developer
  5. Can I switch to a different condo after my booking is confirmed?
    Yes, upon agreement with the developer
  6. If I find a better deal with an agency, would you price match ?
    No. We would not price match as we are obtaining the best discount from the developer. However, if the agency that is resgistered for Black Friday Property Sale have found a method to gamify the system. We would permanently ban the agency from participating in any future Black Friday Property Sales event.
  7. Can I make a reservation after the event ends?
    Unfortunately, reservations will no longer be accepted once the event ends. So, please make sure that you make a reservation for each development you’re interested in before the event closes at 8pm.
  8. I made a reservation for a unit, but I bought a different unit in the same development. Can I ask for a refund?
    No refunds will be given to reservations that have been finalized as a sale. Participants are entitled to a full refund upon making a reservation but do not purchase any unit in the development they made a reservation for. Fore more information, please visit our refund page or call our customer service line.
  9. I made a reservation for the wrong development, what can I do?
    Please contact us via the live chat immediately or contact us if this happens so we can refund the amount to you as soon as possible.
  10. Can I obtain the same discount for a development I didn't make a reservation for via the site?
    No. These discounts are exclusive to this event and won't be offered outside of this limited promotion.
  11. What happens when the event finishes?
    Once the event is over, all reservations will be sent to the developers who will contact you to progress your inquiry. At the end of the event, no more reservations will be accepted and discounts will be withdrawn.

Payment Questions

  1. Is it safe to transfer money through your site?
    It is 100% safe and secure to pay your reservatiion fee in the event. Realestate.com.kh is a legally registered digital marketing company and we are the number 1 biggest portal in Cambodia. We have been operating in Cambodia since 2009. Ever since, we have assisted a great number of local and international property seekers in finding the right property for their needs. Our office is at street 63 corncer street 302 BKK1, Phnom Penh. You can also visit us via our offical website Realestate.com.kh and other social media channels.
  2. I can't scan ABA code, what should i do?
    We also accept payments in US dollars via Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay
  3. If i don't have any of this payment method, what should i do?
    Please contact us via the live chat immediately or contact us through +855 96 900 0808 to solve any payment issue for you before the event
  4. Can I take my reservation fee to your company tomorrow?
    Please contact us via the live chat immediately or contact us through +855 96 900 0808 to solve any payment issue for you before the event
  5. Can I transfer to your ABA account directly?
    Please contact us via the live chat immediately or contact us through +855 96 900 0808 to solve any payment issue for you before the event
  6. After paying the reservation fee, can I claim a refund immediately?
    Please contact us via the live chat immediately or contact us through +855 96 900 0808 to solve any payment issue for you before the event
  7. Is there any official confirmation about my reservation payment?
    Of course, all your payment is through secured payment gateway and 100% safe
  8. Will this $500 reservation fee deducted from my units price if I purchase?
    The $500 reservation fee will be part of the total unit sale price. For example, if the total price of the unit is $50,000, you only need to pay $49,500.
  9. What payments do you accept?
    We accept payments in US dollars via Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, and ABA PayWay.