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Dara Sakor - Chhne Dara Chan

Cambodia-China Investment and Development Pilot Zone, Andoung Tuek, Botum Sakor, Koh Kong
Sale price from $56,320 $1,600/m2
Best price from $41,733 $1,186/m2
4% Expected Rental Return ?
30% Downpayment Ratio ?
10% Construction Progress ?
2021 Completion Year ?

Chhne Dara Chan

Dara Sakor - Chhne Dara Chan is a key project of the Belt and Road initiative and located among one of the largest natural mangrove forest reserves, along the coastline of Cambodia in Koh Kong.

Why we chose this project:

1. Key project of the “The Belt and Road” initiative
2. Close to the world's second-largest natural mangrove forest reserve
3. The first natural and cultural tourism holiday paradise
4. Free balcony and courtyard as a gift with every house purchase
5.Three kinds of benefits from an ownership, include a return of 245% of initial payment.
6. 2year Buy Back the property (original price ) 4 years buy back the property , and client get the buyback benefit X 1.2 times.

Chhne Dara Chan occupies an area of about 20 sq.km and has a planned total floor area of about 4.5 million sqm, of which about 3 million sqm saleable area, whose development period will be five years. The first phase demonstration area named Stardream Bay occupies an area of about 170,000 sqm, whose total floor area is about 130,000 sqm, and the plot ratio is 0.78, and the parking space planning shall be 1:1. Stardream Bay will present humanistic tourism characteristic projects, commercial parks, hotels, serviced apartments, courtyard villas, and single-family villa products.

Whether it is a couple or a newlywed, a parent-child or family relationship, or a social or business friendship, industry summit, the full cultural tourism holiday project of residential / tourism/leisure/catering/shopping/entertainment/healthcare/education/public service in Chhne Dara Chan is the best choice.
Chhne Dara Chan is the heart of international life in the Dara Sakor. Since 2008, Tianjin Union Group has been investing and developing Cambodia-China Investment and Development Pilot Zone (Dara Sakor), which is located in Cambodia's Southwestern coast of Koh Kong Province, at the bay the Gulf of Thailand, 263 km from the capital Phnom Penh and just a little more than 20 nautical miles (40 km) to Sihanoukville. It is famous of its the second largest mangrove reserve of the world, and its marvelous 90 km coastline.

In the last decade of Cambodia’s economical booming, the Dara Sakor project has witnessed its continuous upgrade to the main development plan of tourism, holiday, entertainment, and healthcare. So far, there has been a two-way four-lane highway-- Say Phouthorng Avenue, to connect inside and outside Dara Sakor. More than 300 km of roads of different levels in the zone are open to traffic. And many amenities have put into use, such as 20,000-ton cargo terminals, reservoirs, water plants, power plants, and other infrastructure, and with hotels, golf courses, and tropical resorts alongside, which have begun to take shape. The 3200 meters of the runway of the 4E-grade Dara Sakor International Airport has been completed, and in the future, it can be upgraded to 4F-grade. The airport will have the operating conditions for navigation at the end of 2020. After opening to navigation, it shall take 2 hours to reach the countries of Southeast Asia, 3 hours to the Southern provinces in China such as Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, and 5 hours directly to Beijing, China.

As an oasis of unity of ecology and human culture, Cambodia was selected into a member of the World’s Most Beautiful Beach Club in 2011, which has the reputation of crystal sea water and milk powder beach. With easy access, it is convenient to explore the ecology park and the world of the seafloor by yacht in a short time. Dara Sakor owns Cambodia's first international coastal lighting 18-hole golf course and first mountain 18-hole golf course club, which attracts international golfers to communicate and compete here. It has hosted important events such as the opening ceremony of the first International Cycling Campaign of Cambodia Beach Region in 2020 and events of the initial station.

Chhne Dara Chan of Dara Sakor offers a wide range of courtyard villas and single-family villas with a large integrated business area, that makes people wander leisurely in ecological nature. Showcasing the miracle of mangrove life in the form of a creative treehouse, mangrove landscape view platform observing the sea; landscape plants deeply integrated with tourism, business and leisure, water elements penetrating through, and the seven-star accompanying moon theme penetrating into the entire resort and residential area. It gathers viewing space, creative space, special style square, Stardream Beach, Stardream light show, cinema, party space, cafe, special Southeast Asian catering, spa, bar/club, etc.; ground floor L-level commercial street, bar street to create a "starlight" theme, whose window, storefront, street view design in a variety of formats, a combination of Chinese and Western starlight theme lighting design, enrich the respectability of night tours. All residential units finely decorated turn-key home comes with free access to the fitness center, swimming pool, and other communal wellness facilities. Moreover.3 kinds of benefits from an ownership, include a return of 245% of initial payment.
Owning a house or apartment in Chhne Dara Chan means having a beautiful environment like a natural park with 16,000 negative oxygen ions/cm³ all the time and PM 2.5 below 6.5, away from the bustle and pollution in 365 days. Private owners of Chhne Dara Chan have options of poetic atmosphere for personal holiday or investment return at leisure time as easy as you wish.


Project Overview

Total units: 340 Unit type: House Bedrooms in a unit: 1 to 2
Floor areas: 35 m² to 70 m² Floors: 6 Developer: Union City Development Group Co., Ltd. Greening rate: 30%

Property Features

Air Conditioning Balcony Internet / Wifi
Pay TV Pet Friendly Serviced Property


Alarm System Fire Alarm Fire sprinkler system
Reception 24/7 Video Security


Car Parking Commercial area Common Area Garden Gym/Fitness Center
Lift / Elevator Non-Flooding On main road Sauna Swimming Pool


City Views

Units in this development

Photo Type Gross Area Floorplans Available Units Price From
One Bedroom 35m² - 48m² 3 Floor Plans
$56,320 $41,677
Two bedroom 48m² - 60m² 3 Floor Plans
$77,376 $57,258

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